Oil Free Day Protection

Oil Free Day Protection 1.7oz - $45

1.7oz – $45

This light and luxurious day moisturizer benefits as it protects your
skin throughout the day and is of course, fragrance and paraben free!

  • APPEARANCE– Light creamy white with an airy, fresh consistency
  • USE– Use in the morning over serums and special treatments. Excellent with
    or without makeup.
  • BENEFITS– This day protection provides both UVA and UVB protection while also
    nourishing and hydrating in a light, non-greasy formula. It is
    hypo-allergenic and anti-aging for your skin.


Shea Butter – creates a moisture barrier to insure moist skin throughout th day.

Cinnamon Extract – helps to control sebum production.

Green Tea – anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

Vitamin E – heal as it keeps skin supple

Vitamin C – strengthens cells and is synergenic with Vitamin E in
protecting against free-radicals and environmental damage