Kerri Neubek 

Licensed Acupuncturist in PA and Nationally Certified





Kerri Neubek

The theory of Oriental Medicine says that anytime there is any pain, disorder or disease, one’s energy is stuck.  My goal is always to move my patient’s energy, using acupuncture needles, in an effort to rebalance your energy so that your body can heal itself. The beauty of acupuncture is that it always treats our body, our mind, and our emotions/spirit. Even if you come to see me for a sore shoulder, you will undoubtedly find that you feel calmer after the treatments as well. And in terms of Western medicine we know that the less stressed we are the better off we are on a physical level. Similarly, if you come to see me for anxiety, you may find that your carpal tunnel starts to go away. Acupuncture works wonders in this way to rebalance us on all levels. In addition to treating current conditions, acupuncture is a great tool in prevention of illness, stress management, seasonal attunement, and overall wellness.

I treat a variety of conditions with acupuncture:
STRESS, Allergies/Asthma, Acute and Chronic Pain, Sinusitis, Headaches, Menstrual and Menopausal issues, TMJ, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Digestive issues, Constipation, Post-Operative Recovery, Sleep Problems, Carpal Tunnel and more.

Acupuncture is painless and often leaves the patient feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.



I use many tools, and depending on what you present with, I may use one or all of my tools in a single session.



One of the world’s oldest healing methods, acupuncture has the ability to heal your body at an energetic level, and at its core.  Whenever there is pain, disorder, or disease, Chinese Medicine will tell you that is because there is stagnation in one’s energy, or in one’s Qi (pronounced chee). I use very small, fine, pre-sterilized and disposable needles to access your Qi via acupuncture points which are like tiny gates to your channels of Qi. My patients are always pleasantly surprised when they discover that the treatment is painless; at the most you may feel an occasional momentary pinch. Once the needles are in place you simply relax for about 20 minutes. The needles are moving your energy in order to restore harmony and balance so that your body can then heal itself, and when applicable, remove pain. Relief is often immediate but may take a day or two to feel the full effects.  Several weekly treatments are usually needed, but not always.  Everyone has individual needs/responses.


Muscle Testing / Nutrition


I like to access your energy with muscle testing.  Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs.  It involves testing your body’s responses, weak or strong, when I apply slight pressure to your out stretched arm as you gently resist.  When I find weaknesses/imbalanced areas, I can work on balancing these systems with acupuncture and also with various nutritional supplements.


Muscle Testing / Trapped Emotions

Emotionally-charged events from your past can still be affecting you. Emotional energy can become trapped in the body when we are overwhelmed or traumatized, when our defenses are down, or when we are unable to fully process emotions. In addition, blocking or “stuffing” an emotion can cause it to become trapped.

I use muscle testing to ask the body if there are any trapped emotions that need to be released that might be contributing to your presenting issues. If we find any, I  then use a very simple, fast and noninvasive system to release these emotions. The goal is to diminish or completely eliminate your pain or emotional imbalances in a single treatment, although it may take a series. As with acupuncture, you may feel relief immediately or it could take a day or two.

This treatment often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. It actually can assist you in reconnecting with your self and taking your power back!

Allergy Elimination

This technique also utilizes muscle testing, and sometimes acupuncture, to find and desensitize you to any items that your body shows a negative response to. It is useful to eliminate known allergies (for example: an allergy to pollen or eggs). It’s also useful to find hidden allergies or energetic sensitivities, such as a sensitivity to sugar, which for example could be causing sugar cravings. By eliminating a sensitivity to sugar, cravings can diminish or go away completely. The system to eliminate these sensitivities is very simple, fast and noninvasive. In treating children for allergies, no needles are required.


Gua Sha

This technique is a Traditional Chinese Technique in which I use a smooth rounded instrument, such as a miso soup spoon (yes, a spoon!) and a little ointment to gently massage large muscle areas that are tight and painful. This action will bring up a redness, petechiae, which will last a few days. What I am doing is bringing the stagnant blood and energy that is stuck in your muscles, up to the surface of the skin where it can then disperse. In most cases you will feel immediate relief.  This works especially well for neck and shoulder pain.


Facial Rejuvenation

Aging can be a beautiful thing but most of us would love to look and feel younger and rejuvenated. Oriental Medicine believes that aging is directly influenced by physical, emotional (stress!) and spiritual health and the goal is to address internal health, thereby causing a natural shift in external symptoms.

Therefore, my approach to Facial Rejuvenation is to restore internal health (physical, emotional and spiritual) to naturally enhance muscle integrity and skin. I do this as I would do any acupuncture treatment, by discovering underlying energetic imbalances and correcting them by inserting fine, pre-sterilized needles into specific acupuncture points on the body.  In Facial Rejuvenation I also add many points to the face as well.  The stimulation of acupuncture points helps to enhance overall appearance, health and vitality; reduce physical, mental and emotional stress and tension; reduce fine lines; soften deeper wrinkles; and tone and nourish sagging muscles.

Results are most effective when performed in a series of ten weekly treatments and may require multiple series depending on your age and current state of health.  This treatment is not recommended for women who have had recent history of acute headaches or migraines or had recent botox injections or other fillers.  In this case, regular body point only acupuncture would be advised to balance and help heal underlying issues.


My Background:

As a former art director and graduate from the University of Illinois, I enjoy making a difference in people’s health and lives which is why I went back to school for a second career at the Midwest School of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. I have been a licensed acupuncturist now for 15 years and I find great joy in helping people improve their health. I also completed two years of post-graduate work in counseling psychology to round out my education as a professional in a helping industry. Although my goal as an acupuncturist was to specialize in treating anxiety and depression, I found that I could address almost any problem with acupuncture – regarding the body, mind, and/or emotions.



$95 Initial treatment

$75 for each follow-up treatment

$50 Pediatric allergy elimination treatment

*Ask your insurance company if they cover acupuncture. I can supply you with receipts.